When the error in HP is caused by corrupted MBR, you can rebuild MBR to fix this error. Here two ways are offered and you can choose one based on your specific situation. Save changes and follow the prompt to restart the computer. The “BOOTMGR is Missing” error occurs in Windows 7 and 8 users if the boot records are corrupted.

Contains unrelated tools that new users may find confusing. One nice feature of this registry fixer is the extremely detailed reports page. After any cleaning, you can open a document that shows, in detail, everything that the program fixed. We don’t like the fact that Wise Registry Cleaner pushes for a download of Wise Disk Cleaner at the end of the installation, but it’s easy to skip. Creates a backup file before making any changes to the registry.

How does registry get corrupted?

The automatic startup programs, display or desktop settings inside the registry aren’t always configured according to the user’s preferences. The Windows Registry Editor can be used to change these configuration settings. The Windows Registry Editor was initially launched in 1992 with Microsoft Windows 3.1. The registry is the backbone of an OS and is critical for system performance.

  • Below are screenshots of each Stage of the chkdsk /r scan once completed.
  • It is a utility that identifies and restores corruptions found in Windows.
  • Most screens of death are displayed on an even background color with a message advising the user to restart the computer.

Once you finish the hard drive test, you should see a brief report of any bad sectors on your hard drive or any issues that need fixing. We can find back important data from the disk with data recovery software which is equipped with partition table rebuild function. Then we can make the 1 cylinder to be the 0 cylinder with special third party tools. Firstly, ensure you have a backup of the data contained in the corrupted disk, if not, use a third-party application to retrieve the corrupted data. Some popular data recovery applications are DiskInternals Partition Recovery, Free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software, and Recuva by CCleaner.

By the way, Here are the most common signs that represent disk problems. Blue screen errors, driver problems, slow down issues all are common. But, Sometimes, We don’t understand the reasons behind many of these problems.


However, most data recovery products come with bloat. They may also slow down your system by removing necessary drivers. Some of these products may not have kept pace with Windows iterations, such as the latest Windows 11. By comparison, it is always better to use the native methods for Windows that we discussed here. Once you start error-checking the drive, you may see a message that “you don’t need to scan this drive,” as there weren’t any errors on it. On the other hand, if there are errors, they can be fixed using the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter or similar tools.

Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME users

Most often, users face the problem of DLL errors, which are caused by the lack of necessary components of C++ Runtime Library or DirectX. Because of DLL errors, an application may not work correctly or may not load at all, so you should look at the possible causes of errors. Below we will look at the problems with DDL files in the most popular versions of Windows, understand why there are problems with DLL, and provide solutions to them. If you’re still unable to find the original DLL file and you cannot fix missing DLL error, there are a couple of websites listed below from where you can download your missing DLL file.

Read on, to know the best possible steps you can take to bring your PC out of the alarming state. A multimeter testing device can be used for this check. If driversol.com your PC runs with dual hard disks, disconnect the second one and leave only the one that has Windows installed on it. When the hard drive or a partition on it is affected in some way, the PC stops whatever it is doing or trying to do and displays the “a disk read error occurred” warning notification. Along with the error is an instruction to press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart the PC.